Tuesday, November 2, 2010

More Bits and Pieces

Here is a log of Dad's time in making seven marquetry pictures of the Tetons:
2 1/2 hours patching bottom part of pictures
3 1/2 hours sawing bottom part of picture
2 1/2 hours sawing bottom part of pictures
2 hours patching
2 1/2 hours sawing
4 hours July 31
2 hours August 1
3 1/2 hours Aug 3
2 hours

I am asked constantly about the amount of time Dad might have spent doing a picture, so I thought this might be of interest.


  1. An old timer craftsman taught me a lesson at a craft show once. When people ask you , "how long did it take you to do that?" You simply reply, " a lifetime;"

  2. I have a marquetry piece of a teton scene with a river and a bear in front of it. It resembles the piece at the title page of this blog. The signature on the rear says "Stephen M Blood 1980" and it is numbered 3/25. Can you tell me anything more about this piece?

  3. David, sorry I didn't see this post before, you can contact me at, penrose@hughes.net