Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cedar Chests

 I couldn't decide which blog to use for this post.  Since it has to do with Dad's woodworking skills, I chose this one.  We all loved Mother's cedar chest that was made by Dad in the early days of their marriage.  Later as we grew up and left  to make a home of our own, he made cedar chests for us or our spouses as well.  Later he tried keep up with increasing grandchildren.  He did not totally succeed with that, but he tried.

As you can see, mine sits at the end of my bed and is the first thing you see upon entering the room.  Right now it stores winter sweaters.  The lid is lifted on a daily basis September through May, with a few times the other three months.
When I show my grandchildren my name with the fancy letters, they are so impressed.  I don't know which font this is, but it was not the plainest nor the easiest.  (Remember the book of letters that our parents used for patterns for various projects?  They would have loved the computer.) 

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  1. Good start on the cedar chests - there are a few more to take pictures of. Treasures reside within. They were all made with loving care. Mother often worked out the names.