Saturday, February 20, 2010

An Early Piece

There is no date on this piece and there is a little damage on the left side. One day when I was spending a little time with Dad in his shop in Tumwater, WA., he pulled out a couple of the old pieces he had done years ago, and asked if I would like them. I suspect he never quite knew how important each of his marquetry pieces were to each of us, no matter how old or what little flaw he may have seen in a piece. Whenever I look at this piece I am reminded of two things - first, the event that is depicted in this silhoutte and the sacrifices that were made in the early years of our country, and second, the time frame in which these were made. On another piece I will post, there is still the remnant of a price tag, back in the days when Mother and Dad were selling these pieces for a minimal amount of money, in hopes of putting a little money in the survival fund.
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  1. Okay, I'm hooked - a white light box and a tripod should do the trick. Thanks. You really know "how to do it".