Thursday, February 18, 2010

Russell Blood Marquetry

I'm not sure why I have the photo of this picture in my files, but here it is. I think this was at my house for awhile, but it lives at Elizabeth and Ron's house. History?
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  1. No - we were repairing this picture, but I think that Dwight owns it????Dwight?

  2. This is the picture I posted earlier. The picture was originally given by Dad to Dr. Croft for payment of a medical bill and stayed in his home until he died, whereupon it was passed along to his daughter and her husband Jim Anderson, a physician who practiced in Phoenix. When Jim retired and moved to Orem, Jean called me to say that she thought this picture belonged in our family. It was badly in need of restoration, which Liz and Ron lovingly did. It is now in my home and is surely one of the first and most important works that Dad ever made because it came at the very beginning of his long career.