Thursday, February 18, 2010

Old Rancher Revisited

While laying out the OLD RANCHER to make a couple of cupboard doors I thought that I noticed something different in the pattern that I was using.  I went to the files and dug out the original pattern and here is what I found.  Father had doodled on the pattern, trying to decide how he should sign his name as any young artist would.  More importantly on the bottom he wrote "1937," was this the year he introduced the rancher to Molesworth?  That would be my guess.  You'll probably have to blow it up to get the details.
By the way my pattern was slightly different for some reason so I dug deeper into the files and found several copies that Mother had dittoed off, probably at the church.


  1. It is delightful to have this as part of the history. I am glad you have kept things like this, Steve.

  2. Steve, this is a real treasure. Isn't it amazing what we have hidden away?