Monday, February 8, 2010

Russell at work on another project

If I am not mistaken this is the old scroll saw Dad used from the very beginning . Steve, please correct me if I am wrong.
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  1. I took this picture the summer of 1980. Dad was working on one of two Germany marquetry street scenes that he did that summer to help him get through Mother's cancer surgery and illness. This is the original Delta scroll saw that Dad always said was as old as I am. However, I always wondered about that, because we didn't get electricity until 1939. Dwight? Anyone? When Delta came out with the new digitally controlled scroll saw in the mid-1980's, Dad bit - we went to Tacoma, where he purchased the only in the store. Later, he added a couple of others - the Hegner, which I inadvertantly bumped into with Dad's Buick, when the front part of the garage on 93rd became a mini-shop. (I dumped it to the floor, but it proved to be tough.) The other was an Eagle, which he purchased when we did the big picture of Ron Blood's tapestry. It had a deeper throat than the Delta, and proved to be helpful in working through the logistics of such a big piece of marquetry.
    Of course, the other item in this picture besides the Delta scroll saw is the old white stool that went from Penrose to Cody to Penrose to Ralston, back to Penrose, and then to Olympia. It, also, got retired in lieu of a more comfortable padded chair with a back. Ah, progress.

  2. Wasn't the white stool originally used as a high chair?

  3. Dad and I went shopping in Seattle in the early 70's and I bought a used scroll saw that was built in the 60's. It is exactly like his with the same parts list and the whole ball of wax. Still got it, I trot it out for the big stuff.

  4. The high chair was a pole chair - I remember it well, because I had to sit in it for hours when I refused to eat my asparagus.